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  • Purlins are horizontal beams or bars used for structural support in buildings, most commonly in a roof. 
  • Girts are complementary products primarily used in walls of structural steel buildings.
  • Wide variety of section are available:
    • The nominal depth of the sections varies from 152 mm (6 in.) to 356 mm (14 in.). 
  • Material: 
    • ASTM A1011 HSLAS Standard, for uncoated (black) steel and gray primer coated steel
    • ASTM A653 HSLAS Standard, for galvanized steel 
  • Available coatings:
    • Gray primer, CPMA standard 1-73A
    • Galvanized, Z275 (G90)
  • Manufactured in Canada:
    • Boucherville, Quebec

Benefits of Girts: 

  • Up to 60% savings in material: A new study shows that replacing hot-rolled channels by cold-formed C or Z section girts result in 33% to 60% of material savings.
  • Safer installation: Cold-formed girts are easily manipulatable due to their light weight, and therefore are safer to use on the job site.
  • Faster installation: Fastening to girt flanges is effortless due to a thinner and constant surface.
  • No waste in manufacturing: The use of automated production equipment eliminates waste by cutting sections to exact lengths which in turn translates into substantial cost savings for customers.
  • Improved overall schedule: Girts are typically manufactured in advance by a dedicated fabrication facility. Therefore, the structural steel fabricator can focus all of its capacity on the fabrication of the structural steel and the overall schedule of the project can be improved.


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