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Elocone plate washers are mainly used to provide bearing for the Elocone nut and cover an oversized hole at the base plate.

The Elocone plate washers are made from structural steel. The plate washers have a beveled hole to accommodate the transition part between the head and the extension of the Elocone nut. In addition to covering an oversized hole, they serve to transfer the uplift loads from the base plates to the Elocone nut.

Plate washer dimensions: 

The standard dimensions of the Elocone plate washers follow the minimum recommendations of the AISC Design Guide 1 - Base Plate and Anchor Rod Design, second edition, with an adaptation to the unique shape of the Elocone nut. The thicknesses can be increased according to the type of anchor or the needs of the designer. It is the responsibility of the Engineer of Record to design the plate washer according to the applicable loads.

Note that Elocone nuts are sold separately. 


Special orders are dispatched within 4 to 6 weeks. For special orders, please contact us:

Elocone Plate Washers

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