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  • Most of Elocone nuts are available in stock. 
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    • All stock orders come with standard threads (for non galvanized anchor rods ONLY)
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    • Special orders are shipped in 4 to 6 weeks
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Elocone nuts are special elongated nuts that can be used to correct problems encountered when the anchor rods are installed without enough projection above the concrete foundation.

These nuts are fabricated by machining a piece of high strength steel to two different sections. The upper section is similar to a standard nut and will bear on the column base or washer plate. The lower section has a smaller smooth diameter and is able to fit an oversized hole of the base plate to screw on enough threads of the anchor rod installed with a short projection. 

In order to develop the tension capacity of an anchor made of steel with a tensile strength of 1,035 MPa (150 ksi), the Elocone nuts must be fastened to the anchor rod for a length equal to the diameter of the rod.

Elocone extended nuts dimensions: 

Elocone nuts are machined pieces with a standard nut head and an elongated lower part that can be screwed to anchor rods within the thickness of the base plate. Dimensions can change without notice. In addition, the plate washers for Elocone nuts are sold separately.

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Special orders are dispatched within 4 to 6 weeks. For special orders, please contact us:

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